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POMP TETRIS - Leading CBD Vaping Way - POMP - 2019

100% Safe and Clean CBD Vaping Experience

It’s always long and challenging on the road to innovation. Today, we, POMP VAPE are proud to announce that the world’s first 100% safe and clean pod system for CBD vaping using the 1st generation VPOCERA™ Zisha ceramic technology – POMP TETRIS is coming!

POMP TETRIS is your comfortable CBD vaping buddy. It has solved your concerns such as heavy metal pollution, burned taste, leaking etc. It also has customized features such as preheating and 3 Optional Output (Powerful/Normal/Soft) Modes. It will match different concentrations of CBD vape oil. POMP TETRIS brings you 100% safe and clean CBD vaping experience – Tasting nature.

Zisha Ceramic Technology - Safe Clean Customized Efficient

We started new ceramic technology R&D since 2016 and finally we achieved success – VPOCERA™ 1st generation of Zisha Ceramic Technology. Its raw material formula is inspired by the Zisha Teapot that has been used in China for more than 2,400 years. All raw materials are in food grade, lead-free and heavy metals, and do not produce any harmful matter after heating. All manufacturing processes are in compliance with environmental standards and ensure 100% safety and cleanliness.

VPOCERA™ Zisha ceramic coil is designed for CBD vape oil with customized heating wire and increased heating area, which greatly improves the overall uniform heating performance, and efficiently vaping without burned the organic cotton layer.

Convenience and Leak-proof
Top Filling and L-Type Airflow Design

The pod is designed with top filling. Fill and cap then ready to vape! It has built-in 1.5Ω VPOCERA™ Zisha ceramic core, L-type oil-air separation structure design, no leaking, no burned, good taste, suitable for any concentration of CBD vape oil.

10s Preheating

POMP TETRIS supports 10s of Preheating. Just touch smart touch screen twice continuously, the mod will enter the preheating mode, and the constant voltage 1.8V will continue to output for 10s to do low-temperature heat the CBD vape oil.

3 Optional Output Mode

POMP TETRIS has 3 optional output modes: Powerful/Normal/Soft. The mod has entered Normal mode by default when unlocked. The Normal mode has both vaping taste and cloud, which is suitable for most use cases. The Powerful mode can vape more cloud, and the output is x1.2 stronger than the Normal mode, which can get a strong and direct vaping experience. The Soft mode can enjoy a softer taste, the output is only 50% of the Normal mode, good taste is more energy efficient.

Touch and Vibrate Feedback

Built-in powerful induction motor for fast and accurate response and feedback commands, allowing you to feel a delicate interactive experience with every touch.

Touch and Vibrate Feedback: Touch smart touch screen 5 times continuously in 2s, then you can switch into preheating/3 modes switching.

Lock Touch and Vibrate Feedback: Touch smart touch screen another 5 times continuously in 2s. You can just vaping. Touch smart touch screen, no feedback.

Built-in 400mAh battery

The built-in battery at 400 mAh can meet the vaping needs of your whole day, and it can handle whether it is carried out on a daily basis or on a short trip. Low-power standby, can maintain a week without charging, it can also use at least 20 puffs under low battery reminding.

Charging in 40 mins

When the 3 indicators flash green at the same time, it indicates that the battery is low and needs to be charged in time. The bottom Micro-USB charging interface is fully charged after being connected to the power supply for 40 minutes, and the indicator light is no longer flashing.

5-in-1 Safety Features

Ensuring your safety and avoid any mishaps

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POMP – We are committed to maximizing the value of the CBD via vaping, bringing you a more positive and beautiful life experience.